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Website hosting is in a secure professional datacenter, which includes the following:

Climate control systems maintain ideal operating conditions inside the datacenter
Redundant fiber connections, hardware failover, and HSRP routers
Security and video surveillance / key security level access
Advanced power systems ensure continuous operations of your website
Daily backups of website files and database
There are different types of hosting - all of which have different features and benefits:

  • Shared Hosting

Website is hosted on a dedicated server behind a firewall with several other clients
Quality, cost-effective solution for low trafficked / low bandwidth websites

  • Semi-shared Hosting

Website is hosted on a dedicated server behind a firewall with a small number of additional sites
Ideal for medium-sized websites that generate consistent traffic, stream videos or have frequent user-generated content.

  • Cloud Hosting

Ideal for launching an application or website on a robust scalable hosting environment
Windows VM software allows quad processing power and variable memory and diskspace
Optional firewall provides optimal protection

  • Dedicated Hosting

Highly-demanded websites or web based applications that require 100% uptime and multiple forms of redundancy
Customized dedicated solutions can be planned by our staff to provide you with an infrastructure that is redundant and scalable
From load balancing to CDN, our team can map out and plan a cost effective dedicated hosting environment



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